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Loveliest Lies

I don’t care what was true or not

Just come back

We can hurt together and hold each other

Until we’re whole again

Because you spin the loveliest lies

They make me stay

Even though I know

The truth is in your “jokes”

So although your taunts– the truth– habitually destroy me

I need your loveliest lies to survive

Even though you never speak direct truth

I see nothing but your pain

Pain I need to heal

So just come back

I don’t care if it’s abuse or not


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You told me once

that people saw visions of you

with a halo

and wings

But darling

I see visions too

and do you know

the only time I’ve seen a demon

was when I thought of you?

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My Demon

They follow my demon like the wise men followed the star

From miles,

they collect to watch him,

my demon,

the creature of my nightmares

And they fall at his feet


Falling like I did

straight into Hell

but they don’t know



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Dear Daddy

After all the insults you hurled at me

Like Zeus hurling lightning bots at his enemies

I still think

The worst thing you ever said to me

Was that boys will be boys

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Trust Again

Sometimes I look at my hand

entwined with yours

and wonder

what am I doing?

What am I doing putting

myself in hands that can

choke me?

But we all have to learn

to trust again

sooner or later.

So thank you for teaching me.

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I’m just a¬†shriveled up

piece of nothing

sitting there

watching cars go by

cars go by

They’re running off like lives long gone

people long gone

things long gone…


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Last Poem

This. Is.

The last poem about you

I swear

The last poem about you

A promise I’ll probably break

Like you broke all of yours

But we won’t talk about that

Because I’m not writing about you anymore

I’ve found

A better pair of arms to rest in

New things to talk about

So good bye.